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Gallery-North Coast Star Mercedes
  • Made by Mercedes. – Mercedes-Benz
    Engineered like no other car in the world. – Mercedes-Benz
    The future of Automobile, Engineered to move human spirit. – Mercedes-Benz
  • Das Beste oder nichts. The best or nothing. – Mercedes-Benz
    The automotive declaration of independence. – Mercedes-Benz
  • The 1996 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. A strong piece of future. – Mercedes-Benz
    The A-Class comes to the people. – Mercedes-Benz
    The 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor. Now you can close your mouth. – Mercedes-Benz
    A Mercedes SUV – Go where other 4 x 4’s fear to tread. – Mercedes-Benz
    The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz four-door Coupe. Untamed. The new CLA. – Mercedes-Benz
  • See. And be seen. – Mercedes-Benz
    Electrifying. Energetic. Efficient. – Mercedes-Benz
    Streetwise. – Mercedes-Benz
  • The natural enemy of the ordinary. – Mercedes-Benz
    Sit back. – Mercedes-Benz
  • Everybody knows what a Mercedes-Benz looks like, but few know how it feels. – Mercedes-Benz
    Connected with all senses. – Mercedes-Benz
    Fall in Love. – Mercedes-Benz
  • Timelessly beautiful. – Mercedes-Benz
    Design that gets under the skin. – Mercedes-Benz
    Instinctively stylish. – Mercedes-Benz
    A temple of elegance. – Mercedes-Benz
  • If you want new, young customers, you need to have a brand that is sexy and sporty.
    Making our cars more sporty or sexy doesn’t necessarily mean older people won’t like them.
    – Dr Joachim Schmidt (Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars)
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